Choosing The Verdale Condo as your warming future home,, you have the right to choose the context of your life in your own apartment, with a range of luxury bedrooms from 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms, up to 5 bedrooms will be ready for you admire and choose the one that suits the lifestyle that you want.

The official information for layouts and typical units will be coming soon, please kindly contact us to be The First get the developer information as well as enjoy the VVIP Discount. If you are looking for tranquil living in the heart of a vibrant city, Verdale Condo which will make your contentment.

The famous developer will bring a good product of value to the consumers and they need to generate healthy profits levels for their shareholder. Seeing The Verdale Condo by CSC Land Group in the next page to get more info about discount policy.


The Verdale Condo Units Mix

Unit Type Unit Size
1 Bedroom TBA
2 Bedroom TBA
3 Bedroom TBA
4 Bedroom TBA
5 Bedroom TBA

The Verdale Condo Floor Plans

Floor Plans will be coming soon, please CALL US or FILL IN THE FORM to stay updated