The 35 Gilstead new launch is a great neighborhood for people looking for places with an established private housing estate. Besides, 35 Gilstead Teeland offers close proximity to social amenities such as educational institutions, kid-friendly spots, medical facilities, chill-out spots for those who enjoy hanging out with friends.

The other significant facilities that residents in 35 Gilstead Condo or within Newton enjoy is the many chill-out places within the area. This includes RDA, which is an exceptional charity offering free horse-riding programs for both adults and children with disabilities around 35 Gilstead and also in the entire Singapore.

The place is not open to the general public for casual visits as it is a place designed for therapy. However, if you are a resident of 35 Gilstead, the facility is happy to welcome you to volunteer with them.

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35 Gilstead Site Plan


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